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As a new coming student, this course is a bit hard for me since time is needed for me to get used to what is going on. Honestly, it is quite different from what I learnt in Hong Kong, it could be due to the policy. Moreover, it is a bit hard project for graphic designer even though I know it is actually training our creativity. I was stress on this project as I was confusing what to do. Moreover, I’m not sure my blog is good enough to present what I think or believe. However, I still pass through it.

What I learnt in this course is about how to consider a social problem deeply. For example, watching ‘An inconvenient Truth’, it is a kind of awaking the awareness of global warming in the bottom of my heart. Human being is interesting, as a design student, I am also similar with normal people. I understand environmental protection is important and global warming is also a graveness problem as well. However, human is easy to forget and selfish. Or there are so many things we need to care about, family, studies, works, etc; we totally neglect those problems surrounding us. We care about our living standard, our living environment; however, we totally forget the environment apart from our life. This course is not only reminding our topic, but also to those students working on this project as well.

As we are studying communication design, global warming is only a kind of starting point for us to think about the social problems around us. If the world more develop, seems like a ‘real communication’ between people is getting less and less. What I realize my duty is to work on how I can do, which is using my design to send my message out to the world. No matter how, I still believe we should try first even though I understand that it is difficult to change one’s mind. Or if they really catch what it is, can anyone guarantee how long the idea can be lasted in people’s mind? But at least I am the one who is changing, discovering and reflecting the ‘true’ me first. It is because I should believe or discover what is truth before I convey to the others. This is what I learn from this course. It is refreshing my mind anyways.


This article is talking about street lamps along Collins Street, from Spring Street to Spencer Street Council plans to input reduce the energy in Collins Street as early as July this street. As their “goal is to invest in lighting that not only saves money, but more importantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions for the good of the environment’.

I strongly agree Council’s plan, as these are what I took three to four weeks ago in Collins.


I always have a question why there are still thousands of lamps on during shops close? I understand that it is necessary to keep the street lights as security, but I don’t feel some of them are really need. Can you imagine or ever notice it is actually wasting lots of energy? Some of the lights are only used as decoration; they are not light enough for security. What I prefer is better to use more street lamp instead of switching on those lamps in buildings and shops. The back of the city beauty is using energy to exchange. Country is gaining moneys by tourism, but in the same time, environment keeps damaging.

I believe even street light can go green and be sustainable. If all the countries carry out ‘Green street light trial’, I’m sure global warming can be slowed down.


2007, “ ‘Green’ street light trial”,
Melbourne news, May, p3




The article is about a Sustainability Street

program is promoting to the residents in Carlton, North Melbourne and Parkville, the aim is about ‘develop environmentally sustainable ideas’ and ‘new social links between participants and strengthen existing community groups’. The program is divided into different area, such as swapping ‘inefficient incandescent light bulbs for energy-saving compact fluorescent globes’ in Carlton; ‘workshops on water, energy and waste, showerhead exchange’ in North Melbourne Street’; ‘toughest plants in Parkville to save water in the garden’.

Government is now taking actions to save the world. Like the workshop in Carlton, it starts to educate kids to reduce waste and litter. It’s always true to educate the next generation as they will accept easier than what adults or teenagers do. However, this kind of problem should be organized by the other organizations rather than designers. It could be due to these kinds of workshops or programs can be organized by anyone as they are kinds of regular and common event. If designers work on something like this, I’m sure designers are going to lose their jobs as soon as possible as there are no challenges and difficulties for them, which is not creativity. Education is needed, but the “education” created by designers should be different from something like workshops. What we should do is to create some unexpected ideas to punch into audiences’ heart. Although it’s hard to do, we still need to try. It is because audiences are equal to our clients, if they don’t buy or can’t attract them, we are going to unemployed. So we should base on different audience then create different interesting ideas to be suitable to them.

However, I understand designers are getting harder and harder to create something unique as there are so many unique designs have been created in the past. At least, what I believe is to find a way to communicate to our audience, although it’s hard to be something unexpected. As designer sometimes is not just seeking unique, their main responsibilities are to convey message to public.


Reference: 2007, ‘On the road to sustainability’, Melbourne news, May, p5.


It is the reflection to “the rules of the game”. A question is coming out after I read ‘Recent surveys show that people without children may care more about climate change than those with children. It is an interesting question, why is it? What I believe people with children should care more about their kids, the atmosphere when they grow up. Don’t the parents care about their next generation?

NO, I think they care about it. However, I feel they only care about what in front of them. Give them better living standard at this moment. Provide the best things they can supply. Or they may believe climate changes can be recovered in the coming generation as the technology is still developing.

It is very true when the article mentions about “changing attitudes towards climate change is not like selling a particular brand of soup- it’s like convincing someone to use soap in the first place.” Like our project, promoting green education is like “convincing someone to use soap”. It’s easy to promote a product or a design idea, but the hardest thing is how to put it into practice. It is because it’s hard to change one’s mind as we are individual. Or if they really catch what it is, can anyone guarantee how long the idea can be lasted in people’s mind? That’s the reason why education is always needed. Through education, people can receive information slowly and continuously, then the image can punch into their minds deeply. It is why we believe we have to communicate the youth.



A serious environmental problem can  be foreseeable in this trolley. This is what I take on the way to paper point. Can you imagine that? A new rubbish bin is formed, a real rubbish bin is actually standing not so far from this trolley, how can people do like this? Is it due to people is so lazy to do something to the world?

If we do not do recycle, Earth will be liked this trolley, which means we may need to live or sleep with rubbish. Education is really needed.


Education is needed!!

Our final outcome is using animation to educate kids about saving the material in the world to slow down the speed of global warming. As we believe, education is so important to the next generation that we should teach them the right way to protect environment. It could be due to the concept of sustainable for people nowadays is not clear and enough, that is sometimes they don’t know or mislead .

Here is one of the storyboard for the animation in our final outcome.

The story is talking about how kid can stop global warming as well if they can change their bad habits, such as saving the water during they watch their hands. What they can do is not to open the tap as big as they like, otherwise there is no water to produce soft-drinks. Hence, as it is too hot, Santa Claus needs to take a vacation and deers are died. This makes him not able to send presents and there is no christmas anymore.

 We try to use something that kids believe to educate them to save the earth. Like Soft-drinks and Santa Claus, these should be the best famous images in kids’ world, most of kids like them, as we feel this will touch the bottom of their hearts. 



51 Sheets Friendly Survey (Recycle)

Maggie, Michelle, Henry





Q8: Does your environment provide you a good recycle facilities?

29 people- YES 22 people- NO 

Q9: Do you know what the things those are sustainable?   

33 people- YES    18 people- NO  Q10: Do you think recycle helps to improve the environment and reduce global warming?     

48 people- YES      3 people- NO  Q11: Does your country provide you appropriate recycle knowledge?     

23 people- YES     28 people- NO 

Q12: Have you aware that global warming effect the earth within these 50 years?      

35 people- YES      28 people- NO  Q13: What kind of media tells you about global warming and recycles issues? 



In survey, although almost all of the interviewees feel recycle helps to improve the environment and reduce global warming; rather than people from other countries, higher amounts of Asian do not really understand the actual meaning of “recycle” and those thins which can be sustainable. Hence, they don’t really get what is the meaning of “sustainable”.

Moreover, compare with the people who live in suburb, not many for those who live in the city have a habit of doing recycled, as what they mention, it can be due to their apartment do not provide recycle bins. There are no ways for them to do recycle even though they would like to do so. Furthermore, the concepts of doing green in student’s interviewees are worse than who are working. This makes us strongly believe green education should be promoted to kids.


During the interview, Daphne first mentions about ‘since the population in
Taiwan increases continuously, the Global warming in Taiwan will climb dramatically.Australia is one of the gravest country where has a heavy global warming problem, since match up of its citizens is low and they are lack of awareness in green education.’

As a designer and educator, although she has never created a topic as global warming or green education to her students in Taiwan before, what she thinks the way to protect the environment is to use reuseful, recycled and reduced material during we design. It is necessary for designers to educate their audience to effectively understand the meaning of recycled and push them collaboratively build a sustainable future, whereas they are under conflicted. It could be due to design may waste a lot of paper during the progress. Communicators should build up the knowledge of global warming by themselves before they convey to public since they will mislead receivers directly if their concepts are wrong or not strong enough. For this reason, the first step is to follow, understand, get familiar and investigate into this concept on their own before lecturers educate students. Then they should show examples and provide a full package of their investigations to their students, as in students may not know what the meaning of recycled material is. For example, what material or method can be used if there are some materials cannot be used.  

When we were focusing on “global warming had taken until now for this issue to become one of absolute public currency”, Daphne believes government acts as an important role to educate people since there are limited people understand sustainable concept. However, it is a conflicting identify as well because government may cover some truth or there may be some economic benefits between industries and it. For example, car industry is one of the main industries in USA, so government has to protect it otherwise a large amount of unemployment may occur, even it may want to protect environment as well. Moreover, why did it only happen last year may due to the environment has changed and become unusual since many exceptional natural disasters happened within these few years. For instance, Tsunami in 2004, tornado in Taiwan, snows decrease in Russia, etc. Furthermore, she agrees with what I believe global warming is a kind of cause and effort to reflect people’s behaviors that “Earth is now making a counterattack”. She feels Western countries can be encouraged by promotion rather than Asian countries because many Asian countries are still developing. For this reasons, Asia government may force to legislate and let citizens get used to it first. 

As a designer, she has a strong feeling when SARs happened. she feels guilty at that moment, it is due to she can do nothing as she is not a doctor. Even though a bus driver said “I can wear a mask to send patients to hospital”. A graphic designer can’t help anything. For this reasons, what designer can do for global warming is to rebuild the image of communicators by promotion, hereby to tell public we are supportive and we concern about this issue.  

She believes media is one of the important methods to educate people to aware about the graveness of global warming; verbal, vocal and visual are also needed as in different audience should focus on different strategy. She classifies in to three groups of audience to promote environmental education; the first one should be those people has already aware about global warming and build up their own method to protect global; the second one should be those who have no way to start or not really understand the issue; the last one should be who think not relate to them. For the first group of people, she thinks education need not to promote much since they have already concerned. Then, she believed there is a large amount of people classify as the second group. Since then, we can educate by using verbal, vocal and visual method, which only depends on the type of strategy they are interested in.  

For the third group, people may think “Animals may not hibernate anymore, so? This is none of my business”; they don’t even want to debase their living standard for global warming and realize the graveness of this issue; however, the youth should be the main age group to meet this issue as global warming affect the earth within this 50 years or even shorter period. She emphasizes the way to educate them is to stimulate them, let them know this is related to their vital interests, dairy life, living standard or their next generation. Advertising would be one of a good media to do so as using visual to excite the bottom of their heart. When I showed her the leaflet of Diesel, she feels that is a good campaign because there aren’t many brands or companies are willing to probe into this issue as their main strategy. However, it would depends on its real awareness; whether it is only a topic and promotion, or what Diesel does really conform to its campaign.  

Daphne also believes that TV is another media to educate people the green knowledge. However, TV station concern its own audience rating, they may choose the topic to report for attracting its audience. Since then she agrees about educator is kind of good media as they have no burden and background to be contradiction. 

She last mentions about “Global Warming cannot avoid anymore, we can only slow down it.”